Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You Are Worthy

I was looking down at my knees one day while I was sitting in church, and the first thing that came into my mind was, "man, my knees look weird." Ever since I had entered into the third grade, I have been self conscious about my body. I vividly remember being in third grade at a new school, looking down at my thighs in disgust as I sat in my desk thinking to myself that my legs were too big. I grew up worrying if my legs were thin enough, my feet were small enough, my stomach flat enough, and my face pretty enough. Even now, as a seventeen year old, I will look at myself in the mirror and worry that my chest and hips may be too bony now, or my stomach still may not be perfectly flat.

But it doesn't stop there. I spent almost a majority of my high school career worrying not only about my appearance, but about my G.P.A. Why? Because once I had started my freshmen year, I constantly felt as though I was being compared to my older sister who had a perfect G.P.A. all four years of high school.

I remember sitting silently in choir as a freshmen, overhearing giggles and hushed whispers behind my back. I would turn and ask my friends what was so funny and they would nonchalantly tell me they were comparing me to my sister, informing me I wasn't as smart, or as pretty as she was. After hearing that, I worked myself into the habit of stressing myself out about having perfect grades, and looking "beautiful." (Even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with my looks before.) I felt as though I had to live up to a certain standard that I thought people had set for me, when really, I was the one setting those standards and expectations. I just didn't realize it.

I felt as though my worth came from my appearance, my G.P.A. and from what others thought of me.

That is so false, I laugh at the thought. I am not, and certainly will not be defined by any of those things. Because for one, such things DO NOT MATTER. They are earthly things that will pass away and be forgotten. And two, my worth comes from someone much greater than senseless things such as these.

My worth comes from the One who loved me so much, that He died for me, and I pray that I will only allow myself to be defined through my God instead of through the world.

Because according to Jesus, I am;

  • A Child of God
  • Loved
  • Cherished
  • Perfect
  • A Saint
  • A Masterpiece
  • Righteous
  • Worthy
and so much more. I can't think of a more precious and wonderful way to be defined. Despite the fact that I sin against Him daily, He still sees me as worthy to be His. He made me the way I am for a reason, and I firmly believe that He expects me to live as such.

"God made you to fill a hole and to do and be what only you can. Be that."
-Mikael Heck

So, let us strive to be our best authentic selves every single day that we are alive. Let us actively go against what society tells us what we need to be.

You are more than a grade, you are more than the number on that scale, you are more than the size of your clothes, you are more than the amount of money you get paid, you are more than what people think of you. 

You are more...

You are loved...

And you are WORTHY.


  1. I love everything about this. I feel like you are finally beginning to hear and, hopefully, believe what I have been trying to tell you, as I do everyone, from day one. This makes me smile.

  2. Sweet Megan ~ you are BEAUTIFUL on the outside as well as VERY Beautiful on the inside. (But then I have thought that for quite a long while. :0) ) Most of all I LOVE your heart for Jesus!! AND your stand for HIM. Peggy