Sunday, March 27, 2016

Avalon Jubilee Rose

Avalon Jubilee Rose.
That is what they called her.
Her skin rosy and pure.
Her hair yellow,
yellow like the sun,
beaming and bright,
as if showing off her magnificence,
showing off the joy that gushes out.
Her joy gushes out of her, streaming out of her pores,
displaying for all to see.
O, Joy!
The light of their lives.
Avalon Jubilee Rose,
long and lanky,
with bright yellow hair,
 blowing in the wind, dancing. 
Beautiful blue eyes,
resembling deep bodies of water,
such mystery, 
such boldness,
such intensity.
Stature with nobility.
People would bow,
onlookers would gaze in adoration.
Such beauty!
Her speech,
such eloquence! 
Her heart large and full,
with wild exuberance.
O, Joy!
But sorrow was cast down,
darkness lacing over her,
intertwining itself into her soul.
O, Sorrow!
"Why!" She cries out,
on her knees,
groveling in despair,
her heart heavy,
melancholy encases her very being.
Dragging her down into a pit,
her eyes vacant and lost,
shallow and pleading,
"Save me." They say.
Her once rosy complexion,
faded and lagging.
Her once brilliant smile,
that warmed hearts of many,
lost and nearly forgotten,
faint and remembered as though it was only a dream.
O, Sorrow!
Sorrow and pain,
neglected and forgotten,
isolation and anguish was deep within her. . .
But there was this man,
so beautiful,
so perfect,
his majesty,
utterly breathtaking.
And he loved her.
Why, he can't possibly even know her!
But this man, he brings life in his wake.
Healing the sick and dead.
Changing hearts, 
and loving the evil.
O, So lovely!
So Awesome!
Such humbleness,
and kindness.
He brought joy to her heart.
How great is he!
Avalon Jubilee Rose,
her beautiful joyfulness revived again!
She believed,
and she loved.
He restored her longing soul!
Avalon Jubilee Rose,
with beautiful yellow hair,
eyes brighter,
eyes deeper,
smile wider,
every inch of her laced with overwhelming joy.
O, Joy!
She is saved.

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